Spotlight: J5 Android Mirror

In this shirt video we take a quick look at the J5 Android Mirror, a device that allows you to view and interact with an Android device on your PC. A great tool that we can across and will probably be using a lot in the future to demo applications that would have issues with running on the Android Emulator.

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Episode 9: What a nice Gesture….Detector

In this episode we take a silent look at communication. In opposition to our previous voice command now is time for Gesture Detection using Android’s GestureOverlayView. Add gesture detection to any real estate of your application and join the digital body language revolution.

Download the source code here

Droidcon NL: Links and Notes

Great seeing everyone at the Droidcon NL. Here are some links and a pdf notes sheet from my presentation on PhoneGap development. Multi-Platform Development with PhoneGap notes Tikal Time Tracker Project source code (including both iOS and Android Geo-fencing plugins) Apache Cordova Android(PhoneGap source code) Github repo Apache Cordova iOS(PhoneGap source code) Github […]

Episode 7: Easy Splash, good boy

Tired of wasting years and years on splash screen creation? Well you should be tired who spends that much time on splash screens?

A splash screen is a must for many applications and it shouldn’t be a hassle or a burden. More importantly you should be giving the user some over-weighted initialization just to show a splash screen.

In this episode we will go over a easy and quick way to implement a splash screen that looks good and tastes great. More importantly we don’t get all the calories of an extra activity.

You can download the project from the video at this link

DroidCon Netherlands 2012

Have a desire to learn more about Android in person? Want to learn about quick and easy ways for multi-platform deployment? Well sign up for DroidCon 2012 in Amsterdam November 22nd – 23rd. You can hear great presentations from presenters from Google, Facebook, and our very own Michael Hantler on “Multi-Platform Development with PhoneGap”. Sign up or get more information today at